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Using background columns to represent a vertical line
The XY series uses an arbitrary scale of 0–100. This scale could be anything
because the scale values are not shown. Using 0–100 enables you to specify
the line location in terms of a percentage. In this case, the value 67 (in D3:D4)
specifies a line that begins at 67% of the length of the category axis.
Using background columns
to represent a vertical line
The example in this section uses the same data as the previous example, but the
approach to generating the vertical line is different. In this combination chart, the
vertical line is created with an additional column chart series. The line is formed by
using different colors for the bars (see Figure 8-3).
Even though both series use columns, a secondary axis is necessary in order
to control the gap width of the series independently. Technically, this is still
classified as a combination chart: a column - column combination chart.
Figure 8-3: The vertical line is generated by colored columns.
Creating this chart involved the following steps:
1. Create a standard column chart using the data in range A2:B7. Delete the
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