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Creating an XY chart with colored quadrants
Figure 8-7: This XY chart uses a stacked-column chart to provide
four different colors in the background.
Here’s how it’s done:
1. Create a standard XY chart using the data in range A2:B11. Delete the
2. Select A14:C15 and choose Edit
3. Select the chart and choose Edit
Paste Special. In the Paste Special dialog
box, select New series, Values (Y) in Columns, and Categories (X Values) in
First Column. The chart now has three XY series named Series 1, Series 2,
and Series 3.
4. Select Series 2 and access the Format Data Series dialog box. Select the
Axis tab and choose the Secondary axis option. Repeat these actions for
Series 3.
5. Select Series 2 and change it to 1 100% Stacked Column chart. Repeat for
Series 3.
6. Access the Chart Options dialog box, click the Axes tab, and make sure
that all four axes are displayed.
7. Select either Series 2 or Series 3 and access the Format Data Series dialog
box. Click the Options tab and set the Gap width to 0.
8. Select each of the four individual data points in the column chart and
change its color. Remember, the first click selects the series and the second
click selects the data point within the series.
9. Select the axis on top, access its Format Axis dialog box, select the
Patterns tab, and set all options to None. Repeat these actions for the axis
on the right.
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