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Creating a gauge chart
Figure 8-9: This single-value line chart uses an AutoShape
for the series marker.
Figure 8-10: This chart resembles a speedometer
gauge and displays a value between 0 and 100%.
This formula uses the MIN function to display the smaller of two values: the
value in cell B1, or 100%. It then divides this value by 2 because you’re dealing
only with the visible half of the pie chart. Using the MIN function prevents the
chart from displaying more than 100%.
The formula in A6, which follows, simply calculates the remaining part of the
pie — the part to the right of the gauge’s “needle.”
Figure 8-11 shows a variation that uses a doughnut chart with two series. Again,
the lower portions of the two series are hidden. The outer series colors (red, yellow,
and green) use data labels to indicate the meaning of various ratings.
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