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Using a Dummy Axis
Figure 8-11: This doughnut chart resembles a tachometer and
displays a value between 0 and 100%.
Using a Dummy Axis
This section describes a very useful trick that can be applied in a variety of
situations. The trick involves using an XY series that simulates a value axis.
An introductory example
A common use for a dummy value axis is to provide descriptive labels. As you
probably know, it is not possible to change the text used in the value axis labels — they
are always values derived from the numbers in the chart series. You can control the
number formatting and font attributes, but the actual contents of these labels are
determined by Excel and cannot be changed.
Figure 8-12 shows a chart that seems to defy this rule. This chart displays the
results of ten tests, and the value axis shows letter grades (A–F), not values.
Figure 8-12: This line chart uses an XY series to simulate a value axis.
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