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Identifying the maximum and minimum values in a series
Column A contains the Task name, column B contains the corresponding Start
Date, and column C contains the duration of the task, in days.
Follow these steps to create this chart:
1. Use the Chart Wizard to create a stacked-bar chart from the range A2:C13.
2. In Step 3 of the Chart Wizard, remove the legend and then click Finish to
create an embedded chart.
3. Adjust the height of the chart so that all the axis labels are visible. You can
also accomplish this by using a smaller font size for the category axis labels.
4. Access the Format Axis dialog box for the value (horizontal) axis. Adjust
the horizontal axis Minimum and Maximum scale values to correspond to
the earliest and latest dates in the data (note that you can enter a date
into the Minimum or Maximum box). You also may want to set the Major
unit to 7, to indicate weeks.
5. Access the Format Axis dialog box for the category (vertical) axis. In the
Scale tab, select the option labeled Categories in Reverse Order, and set the
option labeled Value (Y) Axis Crosses at Maximum Category.
6. Select the first data series and access the Format Data Series dialog box.
On the Patterns tab, set Border to None and Area to None. This makes the
first data series invisible.
7. Apply other formatting as desired.
If you have many tasks, you may find it impossible to force Excel to display all
the category names. In such a case, you can use a dummy series along the
vertical axis with task names for data labels. Refer to “Using a Dummy Axis,”
earlier in this chapter.
Identifying the maximum and
minimum values in a series
Figure 8-28 shows a line chart that has its maximum and minimum values
identified with a circle and a square, respectively. These identifiers are the result of using
two additional series in the chart. You can achieve this effect manually, by adding
two AutoShapes, but using the additional series makes it fully automated.
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