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XY Chart Variations
XY Chart Variations
This section presents several examples of XY charts, with various accoutrements.
Drawing with an XY chart series
You can use an XY chart series to “draw” 2-D outline images as a chart. Figure 8-30
shows a simple example. This XY chart uses nine data points to draw an arrow.
Figure 8-30: An XY chart that displays a simple drawing
How complex can you make an XY chart drawing? Take a look at Figure 8-31
This XY chart uses more than 3,000 data points to display a drawing of the state of
California. An additional data series (with markers only) displays the location of
various cities. The data was obtained from the Digital Chart of the World Data
Server Web site, which provides latitude and longitude data that define the outline
for hundreds of geographic locations.
The companion CD-ROM contains additional XY charts that depict other
geographic areas.
Drawing a circle with an XY series
You can create an XY chart that draws a perfect circle. To do so, you need two
ranges, one for the x values and another for the y values. The number of data
points in the series determines the smoothness of the circle.
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