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Plotting functions with two variables
The formula will display the value of y for the minimum value of x. The Data Table,
however, evaluates the formula for 200 equally spaced values of x, and these values
appear in the chart. In addition, the chart’s title displays the function that plotted.
This worksheet is protected to allow input only in cells B3:B5. It does not use
a password, however, so you can unprotect and modify the sheet.
Figure 8-51: A general-purpose, single-variable plotting
Plotting functions with two variables
The preceding section describes how to plot functions that use a single variable (x).
You also can plot functions that use two variables. For example, the following
function calculates a value of z for various values of two variables (x and y):
z = SIN(x)*COS(y)
Figure 8-52 shows a surface chart that plots the value of z for 21 x values
ranging from 2 to 5, and for 21 y values ranging from –3 to 0.
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