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Plotting functions with two variables
Figure 8-52: Using a surface chart to plot a function with two variables
Figure 8-53 shows a general-purpose, two-variable plotting application, similar
to the workbook described in the previous section. The data for the chart is a 25 x 25
Data Table range in columns L:AK (not shown in the figure). To use this application:
1. Enter a formula in cell B3. The formula should contain at least one x
variable and at least one y variable. In the figure, the formula in cell B3 is
=SIN(SQRT(x^2 + y^2))
2. Enter the minimum x value in cell B4, and the maximum .x value in cell B5.
3. Enter the minimum y value in cell B6, and the maximum .y value in cell B7.
The formula in cell B3 will display the value of z for the minimum values of
x and y. The Data Table evaluates the formula for 25 equally spaced values of x and
25 equally spaced values of y. These values are plotted in the surface chart.
This worksheet is protected to allow input only in cells B3:B7. It does not use
a password, however, so you can unprotect and modify the sheet. In
addition, the workbook contains simple macros that enable you to easily change
the rotation and elevation of the chart. To use these macros, you’ll need to
unprotect the sheet.
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