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Creating a 3-D scatter plot
Figure 8-53: A general-purpose, two-variable plotting workbook
Creating a 3-D scatter plot
One of the most requested chart types for Excel is a 3-D scatter plot. Unfortunately,
however, Microsoft has not paid attention to these requests. This type of chart is
like an XY chart but with an added “depth” dimension (Z).
Andy Pope, a charting expert from the UK, sent me an interesting workbook that
simulates a 3-D scatter plot. Each data point is entered as three coordinate values
(x, y, and z). Formulas then transform the data to make it appear in a 3-D space.
The chart includes additional series to display the x, y, and z axes, as well as the
cube that encompasses the 3-D space.
I took Andy’s idea and spent many hours refining it and (I hope) making it easier
to understand. The result, shown in Figure 8-54, has quite a few accoutrements. The
three scroll bars control the angle of each of the three axes, and the buttons perform
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