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Creating "Impossible" Charts by Stacking and Overlaying
Figure 8-54: A simulated 3-D scatter plot
Creating “Impossible” Charts
by Stacking and Overlaying
This section presents a few examples of what might be considered “impossible”
charts — charts that were created by combining two or more charts. The examples in
this section are not combination charts. Rather, they are two (or more) separate
charts that have been combined either by stacking or overlaying.
Stacking charts
Figure 8-55 shows a simple example of combining charts. I simply stacked these
three single-series line charts vertically. I removed the category axis from the top
two charts, so they appear to share a single category axis.
After creating the charts, use the Align or Distribute tools on the Drawing
toolbar to assist with positioning the charts. After they have been positioned, you
may want to group the charts into a single object. Press Ctrl while you select
each chart; then, right-click and choose Group from the shortcut menu. After
the charts are grouped, you can move and resize them as a single object.
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