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Grouping Pivot Table Items
Figure 9-13: The pivot table, before grouping by month
Figure 9-14: Use the Grouping dialog box
to group items in a pivot table.
Copying a Pivot Table
A pivot table is a special type of object, and you cannot perform many standard range
operations with it. For example, you can’t insert a new row or enter formulas within a
pivot table. If you want to manipulate a pivot table in ways not normally permitted,
you can make a copy of it.
To copy a pivot table, select the table (or the part that you’re interested in) and
choose Edit
Paste Special.
Select the Values option and click OK. The contents of the pivot table are copied to
the new location so that you can do whatever you like to them.
Copy. Then activate a new worksheet and choose Edit
Keep in mind that the copied information is no longer linked to the source data, and
cannot be refreshed. If the source data changes, your copied pivot table does not
reflect these changes.
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