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Working with Pivot Charts
Figure 9-15: The pivot table, after
grouping by month and year
Working with Pivot Charts
This section discusses pivot charts and assumes that you’re familiar with the
material already presented in this chapter.
Creating a pivot chart
After you’ve created a pivot table, a pivot chart is one click away. First, make sure
that your pivot table contains at least one row field. Then, select any cell in the
pivot table and click the Chart Wizard button in either the PivotTable toolbar or the
Standard toolbar. Alternatively, you can right-click any cell in the pivot table and
choose PivotChart from the shortcut menu. Or, just select any cell in the pivot table
and press F11. The pivot chart is always created on a new Chart sheet.
Figure 9-16 shows a pivot chart created from the mileage data pivot table
presented in the previous section.
Although the button on the PivotTable toolbar is named Chart Wizard,
clicking the button invokes the Chart Wizard only if a pivot chart is active when
you click the button. And then, the Chart Wizard skips over Step 2 (Chart
Source Data). When you use this button to create a pivot chart, the pivot
chart is created with a single click, bypassing the Chart Wizard.
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