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Understanding pivot charts
PivotTable and PivotChart Report command, the first
step of the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard contains an option that enables you
to create a pivot chart along with the pivot table. If you choose this option, the
pivot chart is created at the same time as the pivot table.
When you select the Data
Figure 9-16: A pivot chart that displays monthly mileage data
Understanding pivot charts
It’s important to understand that a pivot chart is essentially a graphic
representation of a pivot table, and the two items are linked together. A pivot chart always
shows exactly the same data that’s displayed in its corresponding pivot table.
Figure 9-17 shows a pivot table, along with its corresponding pivot chart (the
pivot chart was converted to an embedded chart). When comparing the pivot table
with the pivot chart, you’ll notice the following:
All the field buttons present in the pivot table are also present in the pivot
chart. Furthermore, the setting for each field button is identical.
The Page field button (in this case, labeled Product ) appears in the
upperleft corner in both the pivot table and the pivot chart.
Each pivot table data column appears as a separate data series in the pivot
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