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Chapter 1: Introducing Excel Charts
Chapter 1
Introducing Excel Charts
What is a chart?
How Excel handles charts
Embedded charts versus Chart sheets
The parts of a chart
Using the Chart Wizard to create charts
Printing charts
W HEN MOST PEOPLE THINK OF A spreadsheet product such as Excel, they think of
crunching rows and columns of numbers. But, as you probably know already, Excel
is no slouch when it comes to presenting data visually, in the form of a chart. This
chapter presents an introductory overview of Excel’s charting ability and is
intended primarily for those who have little or no experience creating charts with
If you already know how to create basic charts in Excel, you may ignore this
chapter or just skim through it quickly.
What Is a Chart?
Let’s start with the basics. A chart is a visual representation of numeric values.
Charts (also known as graphs) have been an integral part of spreadsheets since the
early days of Lotus 1-2-3. Charts generated by early spreadsheet products were
quite crude but have improved significantly over the years. You’ll find that Excel
provides you with the tools to create a wide variety of highly customizable charts.
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