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Modifying the data displayed in a pivot chart
Total and subtotal rows and column in the pivot table do not appear in
the pivot chart.
The Column field buttons correspond to the legend in the pivot chart.
The Row field buttons in the pivot table appear below the category axis in
the pivot chart.
Figure 9-17: A pivot table and its corresponding pivot chart
Modifying the data displayed in a pivot chart
As described earlier in this chapter, a pivot table is dynamic: You can easily change
the layout of the pivot table and adjust the field buttons to show different data. The
same holds true for a pivot chart. A pivot chart contains interactive controls,
exactly like those in a pivot table. Because a pivot chart is always linked to an
associated pivot table, if you change the pivot chart, the pivot table also changes — and
vice versa.
Formatting a pivot chart
With a few exceptions, you can format a pivot chart just as you can a standard
chart. But you may be surprised to discover that formatting applied to chart series
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