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Modifying the data displayed in a pivot chart
will be lost when a pivot chart is refreshed, or when you change the display using
the field buttons! For example, if you change the colors of the columns in a column
chart, they will revert to the default colors when the pivot chart is refreshed. In
addition, features such as trendlines and data labels will also be wiped out.
Microsoft acknowledged this problem after Excel 2000 was released, but did
not correct it in Excel 2002.
Pivot charts versus standard charts
Pivot charts differ from standard charts in a number of ways. I summarize these
differences in the following list.
Pivot charts contain field buttons, which are used to change the layout or
data used in the pivot chart. Standard charts do not have field buttons.
A pivot chart is always created on a Chart sheet. After the chart is created,
however, you can convert it into an embedded chart. To do so, use the
Location command.
When you create a pivot chart, Excel ignores the default chart type. Pivot
charts always start out as a stacked-column chart. After the pivot chart is
created, you can change it to any other chart type except XY, stock, or bubble.
Standard charts are linked directly to worksheet cells. Data used by a pivot
chart is linked to a pivot table — which summarizes data that can come from
a number of sources. Unlike a standard chart, you cannot change the data
source used by a pivot chart (the Chart
Data Source command is not
available, and the SERIES formulas in a pivot chart cannot be edited).
You cannot change the series plot order for a pivot chart. You can, however,
drag the series labels in the pivot table to change the order in which the data
appears in the pivot chart.
Many formatting changes applied to a pivot chart are lost when the chart is
refreshed. A standard chart always maintains the formatting you apply.
In a pivot chart, you cannot move or resize the Plot Area or titles. In addition,
you cannot move the legend manually — although you can choose from
among the preset positions.
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