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Using data from multiple sheets
Figure 9-22: This pivot chart displays the data selected in the Year control.
Chapter 7 describes other examples of interactive charts that do not use a
pivot table.
Using data from multiple sheets
Often, you’ll have data in multiple worksheets within a workbook. Figure 9-23, for
example, shows a workbook that contains three sheets, named Yr2000, Yr2001, and
Yr2002. Each sheet contains data for a year, and each has a similar four-column range
of cells. This is a simple example. In actual practice, the sheets would probably contain
much more data. Also, keep in mind that the data can come from different workbooks.
You can create a pivot table to combine the information from these three sheets,
although the procedure may not be immediately obvious. The following steps describe
how to create a pivot table and pivot chart to summarize the data in these three sheets.
1. Activate the Yr2000 worksheet.
2. Start the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard. Choose the option labeled
Multiple Consolidation Ranges, and the option to create a pivot table and
a pivot chart.
3. In Step 2, choose the option labeled Create a Single Page Field for Me.
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