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Chapter 10: Using Excel Charts in Other Applications
Chapter 10
Using Excel Charts in
Other Applications
Understanding basic copy and paste techniques
Exporting a chart as a GIF file
Using Excel charts in PowerPoint and Word
T HE APPLICATIONS IN M ICROSOFT O FFICE are designed to work together. These
programs have a common look and feel. Sharing data among these applications is
relatively easy and, for the most part, reliable.
This chapter describes techniques that enable you to display your Excel charts in
other applications.
Basic Copy and Paste Techniques
Most computer users understand the concept of copy and paste. Basically, it works
like this:
1. Select something — a cell, a range, some text, a picture, a chart, for example.
2. Choose Edit
Copy (or use the Ctrl+C shortcut). This command copies the
selected information to the Windows Clipboard.
3. Activate something else, such as a different location in the current document
or a location in a different document (which could also be in a different
4. Choose Edit
Paste (or use the Ctrl+V) shortcut). This command pastes the
information on the Clipboard into the document.
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