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Copy and paste to a graphics application
You may want to save one or more charts as GIF files so that you can use them in
other software or on a Web page. This section presents three ways to accomplish this.
Copy and paste to a graphics application
This technique requires some type of graphics application. Just about any
application that enables you to work with graphic files will be sufficient. My preference is a
freeware program called IrfanView (available for download at ).
1. Create your chart and format it as you like.
2. Launch your graphics software.
3. Re-activate Excel and then activate your chart (or chart sheet).
Press Shift and choose Edit
Copy Picture.
5. In the copy picture dialog box, select an option that allows copying in
Bitmap format. Click OK.
6. Re-activate your graphics software and select Edit
7. Perform any additional manipulations and then save the file in GIF format
(or any other supported format).
Export your file in HTML format
The procedure outlined in this section requires Excel 97 or later. It’s a simple
technique that requires no additional software or macros.
1. Create any number of embedded charts, and format and size them as
you like.
2. Save your workbook file.
3. Choose File
Save as Web Page (in Excel 97, use File
Save as HTML)
4. Specify a directory and filename. The location and filename are not
important. This is just a temporary file that can be deleted later.
5. Click OK.
The workbook will be saved in HTML format, and a new directory will be
created. That directory will contain all your charts, each in a separate GIF file. They
will be named image001.gif, image002.gif, and so on.
After retrieving your GIF files, you can delete the HTML file and its directory.
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