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Use a simple VBA macro
The version of MS Graph that’s included with Office XP creates charts that are
virtually identical to those created in Excel. There are some limitations, however.
For example, every series in an XY chart must use the same set of X values. Figure
10-2 shows a PowerPoint slide with an embedded MS Graph object.
Figure 10-2: A Microsoft Graph object embedded in a PowerPoint slide
Chart command to insert an MS Graph object. For
other Office application, use Insert
Use PowerPoint’s Insert
Object and select Microsoft Graph Chart
from the list of objects. You can insert a Microsoft Graph object into an Excel
worksheet — but there’s really no reason that you would need to.
The data used by the chart is stored in a DataSheet window. When the MS Graph
object is activated, the host application’s menus and toolbars will display commands
relevant to editing the MS Graph object. Click outside the object to de-activate it.
This topic doesn’t cover MS Graph, but the applet has a reasonably thorough
Help file. If you understand Excel’s chart-making techniques, you should
have no problems using MS Graph. I mention it only because using MS
Graph is an alternative to pasting Excel charts into your PowerPoint
presentation or Word document.
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