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Importing an Excel chart into MS Graph
Importing an Excel chart into MS Graph
If you don’t want to use MS Graph to create a chart, you may want to use it to
import an existing Excel chart. Although this technique won’t work for all Excel
charts, it will work in the majority of cases.
1. Start by creating and formatting your chart in Excel. For best results,
make sure that it’s in a Chart sheet, not an embedded chart. Save the
2. Activate your PowerPoint slide and choose Insert
Chart to create the
default chart.
3. Activate the MS Graph DataSheet window. If it’s not visible when the
chart object is activated, choose View
4. Select the upper-left cell in the Data sheet and choose Edit
Import File.
5. In the Import File dialog box, select your Excel workbook and click Open.
6. In the Import Data Options dialog box, select the Chart sheet and click OK
(see Figure 10-3).
The chart will be displayed, and the DataSheet will display the source data for
the chart. Note that the cells do not contain formulas — just the values that were
saved with the file. And, of course, there is no link to the original data.
Figure 10-3: Importing an Excel Chart sheet into MS Graph
Pasting Excel charts into a PowerPoint slide
There are several ways to paste a chart into a PowerPoint slide, but I’m starting with
the most straightforward approach: a simple copy and paste operation.
1. Create an Excel chart.
2. Activate the chart and choose Edit
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