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Using Paste Special for more control
Office applications vary in their default handling of data that’s copied and
pasted. For example, if you copy a paragraph of text from a Word document and
paste it into a PowerPoint slide or an Excel worksheet, a Word object is not
embedded by default. You can, however, use Edit
Paste Special and choose an option to
paste the paragraph as an embedded Word document. But even then, the entire
document is not embedded — only the copied paragraph.
So why does an entire Excel workbook get embedded? The most likely reason is
that Excel workbooks are complex documents and contain many internal links
(charts are linked to cells, cells contain formulas that reference other cells, and so
on). A paragraph in a Word document, by comparison, is an entity that can stand
If your PowerPoint presentation contains embedded Excel charts, use
caution when sending the presentation to someone else. You may think
you’re sending only the chart — but you’re actually sending the entire
workbook — which may contain proprietary data.
Using Paste Special for more control
For optimal control over your pasted chart, choose the application’s Edit
Special command (if it has one). This will display a list of all available paste
formats, and you can choose the most appropriate one.
Figure 10-5 shows the PowerPoint Paste Special dialog box when an Excel chart
has been copied. The paste options are as follows:
Microsoft Excel Chart Object: Embeds a copy of the entire Excel workbook
(the default).
Picture: Pastes the chart as a picture.
Picture (Enhanced Metafile): Pastes the chart as a picture. This option
produces the same result as the previous one.
When you select the Paste Link option in the Paste Special dialog box,
you get this option:
Microsoft Excel Chart Object: This creates a link to the original Excel
workbook. The chart will always reflect the current data in the workbook.
Double-clicking such a linked object will activate Excel with the original
workbook opened.
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