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Deciding which method is best
You’ll notice that the Paste Special dialog box does not provide an option to
paste the chart as a bitmap. The Bitmap option is available only if the chart
was copied as a picture, with the Bitmap option selected in Excel’s Copy
Picture dialog box.
Figure 10-5: The PowerPoint Paste Special dialog box
Deciding which method is best
The preceding sections discuss several ways to get an Excel chart into PowerPoint
(or Word). Which is the preferred method? You’ll have to decide the answer to that.
All of the various paste methods exist because they are useful in some situations.
If your chart is relatively simple, consider creating it directly with MS Graph.
If you’re certain that your chart is finalized (and the data will not change),
pasting the chart as a picture is probably the best choice.
If your data is continually changing (and the original workbook is always
available), creating a link to the workbook is a good option. One potential
drawback is that the link will be severed if the source workbook is moved
or the name is changed.
Probably the least desirable technique is the default paste operation:
embedding a copy of the workbook in your PowerPoint presentation. This
method can significantly increase the size of your file. Use this option
only if your workbook is small and contains no extraneous information.
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