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Problems with pie charts
Figure 11-6: Using an XY chart treats the
years as values.
Figure 11-7: Eliminating the last two data
points makes the chart more accurate.
Problems with pie charts
For some reason, pie charts are one of the most commonly used chart types. A
single pie chart is often acceptable, as long as the number of categories is kept to a
reasonable number. Often, however, people present multiple pie charts in order to
make a comparison.
Figure 11-8 shows an example. This group of charts suffers from several
problems. The charts essentially look identical. With no numerical labels, the viewer
cannot draw any conclusions. But more important, the charts provide no clue as to
the total “value” of each pie.
Two alternatives are shown in Figure 11-9. Either one of these charts is
vastly superior to the four pie charts. The stacked column chart provides all the
information in the pie charts; it also allows the viewer to make overall comparisons
by year.
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