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Problems with negative values
Problems with negative values
Some chart types don’t handle negative numbers as you might expect. For example,
a pie chart (or a doughnut chart) simply converts all negative values to positive
values. This, of course, is rarely what you want. Figure 11-12 shows a pie chart that
presents an incorrect view of the data. Note that the data label for Net Domestic
Migration doesn’t even display a negative sign.
Figure 11-13 shows the same data presented in a stacked-column chart and in a
standard column chart. Although the stacked-column chart does put the negative
value below the category axis scale, the chart is still somewhat misleading because
the stacked columns imply that the total is just under 200,000. The clustered
column chart clearly presents the most accurate picture of this data.
Figure 11-12: The pie chart converts negative values to
positive values.
Figure 11-13: Negative values are handled better by a standard
column chart (right).
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