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Chart Complexity
The category axis was hidden.
Data labels were added to the bottom of the columns.
The value axis number format was simplified and minor unit tick marks
were displayed.
The chart’s title was changed to reflect the scale units and eliminate the
superfluous reference to the years.
The chart’s title was moved into the Plot Area.
Figure 11-19: A column chart before and after removing all nonessential elements.
Another chart makeover is shown in Figure 11-20. This chart started as an area
chart, and the modified version is a line chart. Adding color to the area below each
line really adds nothing to the chart. Other modifications include:
The Chart Area border was removed.
The Plot Area was made transparent.
The grid lines were removed.
The value axis was moved to the right side of the chart, closer to the line
segments that represent the more recent (and more relevant) data.
The value axis number format was simplified.
The legend was replaced with Text Boxes that identify each line.
The category axis was simplified to display fewer labels.
The title was simplified to eliminate the superfluous reference to the years
and moved inside of the Plot Area.
The modified chart conveys all the information of the original chart in an
(arguably) more efficient manner.
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