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A Chart-Maker's Checklist
Is the chart type the most appropriate chart type for the data? Have you
even considered using another type?
If it’s a pie chart, have you considered any alternatives?
If it’s a 3-D chart, can the viewer actually derive the values for each data
Is there anything about the chart that could possibly be misleading?
Confusing? Not clear?
Are your axes correct? If you use numerical values for a category axis, are
the categories at equal intervals?
Is there anything in the chart that isn’t necessary?
Is the chart legible when printed on a noncolor printer?
Is the numeric scale of the value axis identified (for example, thousands
or millions)?
Is the measurement unit specified?
If your chart uses two value axes, can the viewer easily identify the
appropriate axis for each series?
If you’re creating multiple charts, do they all have a similar look? Do they
use the same color scheme? Same fonts and text sizes?
Is all the text readable?
Is all the text necessary? Can it be shortened?
Does the text use more than one type font? If so, consider using a single
font such as Arial.
Does the text used all uppercase or all lowercase?
Are the words spelled correctly?
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