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Chapter 12: Just for Fun
Chapter 12
Just for Fun
Some amusing and recreational aspects of charting
Combining AutoShapes to create images
A LTHOUGH E XCEL IS USED primarily for serious applications, many users discover
that this product has a lighter side. This is especially apparent in the area of charts
and graphics. Although the topics discussed here deal with nonserious applications
of graphics in Excel, you’ll quite possibly discover some techniques that you can
apply to your more serious charting efforts.
All the examples discussed in this chapter are available on the companion
CD-ROM. Many of these examples use macros. I don’t discuss the
programming aspects in this chapter, but the files are all unprotected, so you can
view and experiment with the VBA code.
Depending on your security setting, you may receive a macro virus warning
when the workbook is opened. Be assured that these files are virus-free.
Animating Stuff
When people think of animation software, Excel certainly isn’t the first application
that comes to mind. But, with the aid of some relatively simple macros, you can
coax some crude animations out of Excel.
If you’re a VBA programmer, be aware that the “secret” to producing
animations in Excel is to use the following VBA statement within a loop:
This statement causes a refresh of the screen. Without this statement, the
results of your animation code are not displayed until the macro ends —
which pretty much defeats the purpose of animation!
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