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Animated AutoShapes
Animated AutoShapes
Chapter 6 covers the wonderful world of AutoShapes. If you’ve played around with
AutoShapes, you may enjoy seeing them in action. Create an AutoShape, add a
touch of 3-D formatting, and toss in a VBA macro. You’ve got a recipe for an
animated AutoShape. The possibilities are, as they say, limited only by your
imagination. The types of animations you can perform include:
Moving an AutoShape from one location to another
Rotating an AutoShape
Changing the colors of an AutoShape
Changing the shape of an AutoShape
The practical applications are limited or maybe even nonexistent. But most
people are amazed to discover that you can do this sort of thing in Excel, and it’s a
good way to take a break from number crunching.
Figure 12-1 shows one of several examples that are available on the companion
CD-ROM. Because we lack the technology to make moving images on a printed
page, you’ll need to open the actual file to experience the animation.
Figure 12-1: Click the button, and the AutoShapes rotate and
bounce around inside the box.
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