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Animated charts
Animated charts
When you get tired of watching the animated AutoShapes, you can turn your
attention to animated charts. A relatively simple macro can convert a chart into an
action-packed piece of entertainment. The macros in these examples increment the
value in a cell. This cell is then used in formulas that are displayed in the chart.
Figure 12-2 shows an example of an animated chart. This is a 3-D line chart.
When animated, the effect is reminiscent of bird wings in flight.
Figure 12-2: These two 3-D line chart series get animated with the
help of a macro.
The companion CD-ROM includes a few other animated charts, including a
mind-boggling rotating surface chart.
Doughnut chart wheel of fortune
Round and round it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows.
Figure 12-3 shows a doughnut chart with 12 data points, set up like a carnival
wheel of fortune. The numbers are data labels, and the slices were formatted
individually to get the alternating color effect.
Click the button to kick off a macro that systematically changes the angle of
the first slice, which results in a rotating chart. The difficult part was programming
the macro so that the spinning gradually slows down before the wheel comes to a
final stop.
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