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Hypocycloid charts
In other words, this type of curve is the same as that generated by Hasbro’s
popular SpiroGraph toy, which you may remember from your childhood.
Figure 12-6: This hypocycloid chart is driven by the three parameters in column B.
The formulas that generate the data used in the series are rather complex, but
they use three parameters, stored in B1:B3. Change any of these parameters and
you get a completely different design. I guarantee that you will be amazed by the
variety of charts that you can generate — some of them are simply stunning. Figure
12-7 shows a few more examples.
The companion CD-ROM contains two versions of this file. The first, shown in
the figure, enables you to change the parameters manually. A more
sophisticated version uses macros to randomly generate parameter values and even
has an animation option.
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