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Chart Art
Figure 12-8: Creating designs with a radar chart
Chart Art
Sometimes a chart can resemble a picture. This section presents three examples of
chart art (and I use the term art loosely).
A mountain range chart
One day I was working with an area chart, and it occurred to me that the chart
resembled a mountain range. I quickly abandoned my original task and set out to
create the ultimate mountain range chart. The result is shown in Figure 12-9 (it
looks better in color). Okay, I cheated. The moon and stars are actually AutoShapes.
A bubble chart mouse head
Work with bubble charts long enough and you may start seeing faces take shape.
Figure 12-10 shows a cartoon-like mouse face made up of a data series with nine
data points. The data in column C controls the size of the bubbles. Each bubble was
formatted separately, of course, to control the color and gradient effects.
The folks at Pixar Animation Studios have nothing to worry about.
Contour chart pattern generator
A contour chart is one of the chart subtypes of a surface chart. This chart type is
basically a standard surface chart viewed from above. The contour chart in Figure 12-11
uses only a 7 x 7 range of cells, but it can display some awesome (and very colorful)
symmetrical patterns.
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