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Parts of a Chart
Chart Limitations
The following table lists the limitations of Excel charts. Most users never find these
limitations to be a problem.
Charts on a worksheet
Limited by available memory
Worksheets referred to by a chart
Data series in a chart
Data points in a data series
Data points in a data series (3-D charts)
Total data points in a chart
Notice that this chart has two vertical axes. These are known as value axes , and
each one has a different scale. The axis on the left is for the columns (Income) and
the axis on the right is for the line (Profit Margin).
The value axes also display scale values. The axis on the left displays scale
values from 0 to 250,000, in “major unit” increments of 50,000. The value axis on the
right uses a different scale: 0 percent to 14 percent, in increments of 2 percent.
A chart with two value axes is appropriate because the two data series vary
dramatically in scale. If the Profit Margin data were plotted using the left axis, the line
would not even be visible.
Figure 1-5: Parts of a chart
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