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An Analog Clock Chart
Figure 12-11: Patterns displayed in this contour chart are
controlled by the two Spinner controls.
An Analog Clock Chart
Figure 12-12 shows an XY chart formatted to look like a clock. It not only looks
like a clock but also functions like one. There is really no reason that anyone would
need to display a clock such as this on a worksheet, but creating the workbook was
challenging, and you may find it instructive.
The chart uses three data series for the clock hands: one for the hour hand, one
for the minute hand, and one for the second hand. These series contain formulas
that use Excel’s NOW function (which returns the current time). The formulas use
trigonometric functions to determine the angle of the hands for the time of day. A
simple macro is executed once each second. This macro simply calculates the sheet,
which updates the formulas and the clock.
The chart uses another series to display the numbers. This data series draws a
circle with 12 data points. The numbers consist of manually entered data labels.
Uncheck the Analog clock checkbox to reveal a hidden digital clock (see Figure
12-13). This clock consists of 28 merged cells that contains a simple formula:
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