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Roll the Dice
Figure 12-14: This drawing is actually an XY chart.
For more information about using named formulas in a chart series, refer to
Chapter 7.
You’ll appreciate the multilevel Undo button. Clicking this button simply erases
the last set of values in the chart range. Additional accoutrements include the
capability to change the color of the lines, display smoothed lines, and toggle the
display of chart gridlines.
Roll the Dice
The workbook shown in Figure 12-15 simulates rolling two dice. The outcome of
each roll is stored in a range, which is displayed in a chart. The chart shows the actual
distribution of the dice rolls, as well as the theoretical distribution of throwing two
dice. This workbook may be useful for teaching elementary probability theory.
Following are a few points to keep in mind while you examine this workbook:
A simple VBA macro, triggered by the Roll ’em button, is used to store the
history of the dice rolls in column A:D. Another macro, which deletes the
history, is attached to the Clear History button.
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