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Create Your Own Clip Art?
The dice picture uses no graphics. The graphics are generated by IF
functions that determine whether a particular dot should be visible, based on
the randomly generated dice value. The dot is actually a Wingdings font
The chart series that displays the theoretical distribution uses an array, not
a range. Because the series never changes, you don’t need to store the
values in a range.
A Text Box in the chart displays the number of dice rolls. This Text Box is
linked to a cell that determines the number of items in the History area of
the worksheet.
Figure 12-15: This workbook simulates rolling two dice.
Create Your Own Clip Art?
One day I received a package from someone named Debbie Gewand. The package
contained a brief note and a floppy disk with an Excel workbook. Reading the note
made me curious, so I opened the workbook — and was astounded by what I saw.
The file contained hundreds of carefully crafted AutoShapes, combined to create
amazing pictures.
It turns out that Debbie is an artist in New York. Amazingly, she uses Excel as
her primary drawing software. Figure 12-16 shows an example (a simple example)
of one of her creations. This butterfly is made up of 69 hand-crafted AutoShapes!
Each AutoShape was drawn manually using the Freeform tool, and then coloring
was applied using gradients.
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