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Chapter 14: VBA Programming Concepts
Chapter 14
VBA Programming
Introducing an example Sub procedure
Using comments in your code
Understanding VBA’s language elements, including variables, data types,
and constants
Using assignment expressions in your code
Declaring arrays and multidimensional arrays
Using VBA’s built-in functions
Using ranges in your code
T HIS CHAPTER DISCUSSES SOME OF the key language elements and programming
concepts in VBA. If you’ve used other programming languages, then much of this
information may sound familiar. VBA has a few unique wrinkles, however, so even
experienced programmers may find some new information.
VBA is a complex topic — far too complex to be covered completely in this topic.
Because this topic deals with charts, I focus on the VBA elements that are relevant
to creating and manipulating charts.
If your goal is to become a VBA expert, this topic nudges you in that
direction, but it doesn’t get you to your final destination. You may want to check
out another book of mine: Excel 2002 Power Programming with VBA,
published by Hungry Minds, Inc. That book covers all aspects of VBA
programming for Excel.
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