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Using the Chart Wizard
1. Make sure that the Chart toolbar is displayed. If the toolbar is not
displayed, right-click any toolbar and choose Chart.
2. Select the data to be charted.
3. Click the Chart Type tool on the Chart toolbar and select a chart type from
the displayed icons.
Excel adds the chart to the worksheet, using the default settings for the chart
type you selected.
Figure 1-9: This chart was generated with one keystroke.
The Chart Type tool on the Chart toolbar displays an icon for the last
selected chart. However, this tool works like a list box; you can expand it to
display 18 chart types (refer to Figure 1-10). Just click the arrow to display
the additional chart types. For more information about the Chart toolbar,
refer to the sidebar,β€œThe Chart Toolbar.”
Using the Chart Wizard
The preceding sections describe two quick ways to generate a chart. The resulting
chart may or may not be what you were expecting. If not, you can always modify
the chart, or start over and use the Chart Wizard for more control.
The most common β€” and the most flexible β€” way to create a chart is to use the
Chart Wizard. To use the Chart Wizard:
1. Select the data that you want to chart (optional).
2. Choose Insert
Chart (or click the Chart Wizard tool on the Standard
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