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Chapter 15: Understanding Objects, Collections, Properties, and Methods
Chapter 15
Understanding Objects,
Collections, Properties,
and Methods
An overview of objects, collections, properties, and methods
An introduction to the Chart objects
Understanding the benefits and limitations of Excel’s macro recorder
Various ways to execute macros
VBA ESSENTIALLY IS A PROGRAMMING language that manipulates objects contained
in a host application such as Excel or PowerPoint. Excel provides a bewildering
array of objects, and they can all be modified by using VBA macros.
This chapter focuses on one particular object: the Chart object. As you’ll see,
this object can contain many additional objects, which can also contain other
objects. In other words, they comprise an object hierarchy.
Objects and Collections
This section presents a broad overview of Excel’s objects and collections.
The object hierarchy
The Application object (that is, Excel) contains other objects. Here are a few
examples of objects that may be contained in the Application object:
A Workbook object
A Window object
An AddIn object
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