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Hands On: Creating a Chart with the Chart Wizard
3. Specify various options in Steps 1 through 4 of the Chart Wizard.
4. Click Finish to create the chart.
The next section provides additional information about using the Chart Wizard.
Figure 1-10: The Chart Type tool expands so that you can create
the type of chart you want.
Hands On: Creating a Chart
with the Chart Wizard
The Chart Wizard consists of four sequential dialog boxes that prompt you for
various settings for your chart. By the time that you reach the last dialog box, the chart
is usually fairly close to what you need. In case you’ve never created an Excel
chart, this section introduces this feature with a hands-on example.
Selecting the data
Before you start the Chart Wizard, select the data that you want to include in the
chart. Your selection should include items such as labels and series identifiers (row
and column headings). Preselecting the chart data isn’t necessary but makes
creating the chart easier. If you don’t select the data before invoking the Chart Wizard,
you can select it in the second Chart Wizard dialog box.
Figure 1-11 shows a worksheet with a range of data set up for a chart. This data
consists of the percentage of U.S. citizens who read a daily newspaper, categorized
by year and by education level.
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