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The Chart Object Model
Getting Help with Properties and Methods
When you’re typing VBA code, you may want take advantage of a very useful feature
known as Auto List Members. This feature helps you identify properties and methods
for objects by displaying a list. The accompanying figure shows an example. The list
appears as soon as you type the period after the object’s name. You can then click an
item in the list, and it will be entered for you. In the list, properties and methods are
identified with different icons.
If this feature isn’t working for you, select Tools Options in the VB Editor. In the
options dialog box, click the Editor tab, and make sure that there’s a checkmark next
to Auto List Members. Also, make sure that you’ve declared your variables as a specific
data type.
A Chart object contains, of course, other objects. Following is a partial object
hierarchy for a Chart object.
Axes (Collection)
SeriesCollection (Collection)
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