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Watching the macro recorder
3. Press Alt+F11 to activate the VB Editor window, and make sure that this
window is not maximized.
4. Resize and arrange Excel’s window and the VB Editor window so that
both are visible. For best results, minimize any other applications that are
5. Activate Excel, Choose Tools
Record New Macro, and click OK to
start the macro recorder.
Excel inserts a new module (named Module1) and starts recording.
6. Activate the VB Editor window.
7. In the Project Explorer window, double-click Module1 to display that
module in the code window.
8. Close the Project Explorer window in the VB Editor to maximize the view
of the code window.
Your screen should look something like the example in Figure 15-5. The size of
the windows will depend on your video resolution.
Figure 15-5: A convenient window arrangement for watching the macro recorder
do its thing
Now, move around in the worksheet and select various Excel commands. Watch
as the code is generated in the window that displays the VBA module. Select cells,
enter data, format cells, use the menus and toolbars, create a chart, and so on. I
guarantee that you’ll be enlightened as you watch the code being spit out before
your very eyes.
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