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Chart Wizard – Step 2 of 4
For this example, a Line chart with markers might be a good choice for this data.
Select Line from the Chart type list box and then click the appropriate icon for the
When you work in the Custom Types tab, the dialog box shows a preview of
your data with the selected chart type. In the Standard Types tab, you get a
preview by clicking the button labeled Press and Hold to View Sample.
When you click this button, keep the mouse button pressed.
When you decide on a chart type and subtype, click the Next button to move to
the next step.
Figure 1-12: The first of four Chart Wizard
dialog boxes
Chart Wizard — Step 2 of 4
In the second step of the Chart Wizard (shown in Figure 1-13):
Verify the data ranges to be used in the chart — and change them if
Specify the orientation of the data (whether the data series are arranged in
rows or in columns).
Verify that Excel correctly identified the category data and the series data.
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