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Exporting Charts as GIF Files
dialog box that’s displayed when this macro is executed. If the Cancel button is
clicked, the function returns False. In such a case, the macro ends with no action.
Sub SaveAsGIF()
Dim FileName As Variant
If ActiveChart Is Nothing Then
MsgBox “Select a chart.”
Exit Sub
End If
‘ Get the filename
FileName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename( _
InitialFileName:=ActiveChart.Name & “.gif”, _
FileFilter:=”GIF Files (*.gif), *.gif”, _
Title:=”Save chart as GIF file”)
If FileName <> False Then
ActiveChart.Export FileName, “GIF”
End If
End Sub
Figure 16-13: Using the GetSaveAsFilename function to prompt
for a filename and directory
The JWalk Chart Tools add-in, available on the companion CD-ROM,
includes a utility to export charts as GIF files.
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