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Modifying Chart sheet protection properties directly
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim Wks As Worksheet
Dim ChtObj As ChartObject
For Each Wks In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
For Each ChtObj In Wks.ChartObjects
ChtObj.Chart.ProtectFormatting = True
Next ChtObj
Next Wks
End Sub
Modifying Chart sheet protection
properties directly
The preceding macros in this section were written for embedded charts. If you’re
working with a chart on a Chart sheet, the four chart protection properties listed
previously can be set directly. Here’s how to do it:
1. Activate a Chart sheet.
2. Right-click any toolbar and choose Control Toolbox to display the Control
Toolbox toolbar.
3. Click the Properties button on the Control Toolbox toolbar. This displays
the Properties box.
4. Make the changes to the appropriate properties (see Figure 16-14).
Figure 16-14: Using the Properties box to set the protection
properties of a chart on a Chart sheet
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