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Appendix: What's on the CD-ROM
Appendix: What’s on
the CD-ROM
T HIS APPENDIX PROVIDES YOU WITH information on the contents of the CD that
accompanies this topic. For last-minute updates, refer to the ReadMe file located at
the root of the CD.
Most of the Excel workbook files on the CD work with Excel 97 or later.
What’s on the CD
The CD-ROM is organized using the following top-level directories:
Book PDF
Chart Gallery
Bonus Material
Chapter Examples
The following sections further describe these directories.
The Book PDF directory
The complete text of this topic is on the CD in Adobe’s Portable Document Format
(PDF). You can read the text and search through the file with the Adobe Acrobat
Reader (also included on the CD).
The Reader directory
This directory contains a copy of the freeware version Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Chances are, this software is already installed on your system. If not, installing the
version on the CD will eliminate the need to download it.
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