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The Chart Gallery directory
The Chart Gallery directory
This directory contains about 250 image files that depict a variety of Excel charts.
Most (but not all) of these charts are described in the topic. These are GIF (Graphic
Interchange Format) files, which can be opened by most graphics software. Chances
are, your system already has a file association for viewing GIF files, so you can just
double-click a file to view it. If you prefer, you can view the files sequentially
An Excel macro. The Chart Gallery directory contains an Excel workbook
named chart viewer.xls. This file contains macros that enable you to view
the chart gallery files from within Excel.
Your Web browser. The Chart Gallery directory contains an HTML file
named viewer.htm. Double-click this file to launch your Web browser; use
the buttons to view the files. Scripting must be enabled in your browser.
The Bonus Material directory
This directory contains supplementary material for the topic. This material is
presented in HTML files, so it can be read with any Web browser. Specifically, the
files are:
index.htm — This is the “master” file, which contains hyperlinks to the
other files.
excel color system.htm — This document contains detailed information
about how Excel uses color.
chart faq.htm — This document contains answers to common
chartingrelated questions.
other resources.htm — This document contains information about
additional charting-related resources that you may find useful. It also contains
links to related Web sites.
The Add-Ins directory
This directory contains four Excel add-ins (described in the list that follows) that
were created by the author. Each add-in is in a separate directory.
Each directory contains a readme.htm file that contains additional
information about the add-in, including installation instructions.
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