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The Chapter Examples directory
Power Utility Pak — This general purpose add-in adds dozens of features
new to Excel. The version on the CD is a 30-day trial version and requires
Excel 2000 or later. You can use the coupon in the back of the topic to
purchase the product at a discounted price.
JWalk Chart Tools — This add-in consists of six useful chart-related
utilities. When the add-in is installed, the Chart menu will display a new
menu item: JWalk Chart Tools. In addition, right-clicking an element in a
chart will also display this command on the shortcut menu.
Gradient Contour — This add-in creates a color gradient contour chart,
using a 2-D data range (an alternative to Excel’s contour chart type).
The chart appearance is highly customizable, but it does not update
XY Area Fill — This add-in creates a shape object that fills the area in an
XY chart series.
The Chapter Examples directory
This directory contains the Excel workbooks that are used as examples in the topic.
The directory contains a subdirectory for each chapter. For example, the example
files for Chapter 8 are contained in the \Chapter08 directory. Some chapters do not
use any example files.
Following is a description of the chapter example files on the CD.
chart parts.xls — Displays various parts of a chart
chart sheet vs embedded.xls — Contains the same chart as a Chart sheet
and as an embedded chart
hands-on example.xls — Demonstrates the use of the Chart Wizard
3-d charts.xls — Contains examples of 3-D charts
area charts.xls — Contains examples of area charts
bar charts.xls — Contains examples of bar charts
bubble charts.xls — Contains examples of bubble charts
column charts.xls — Contains examples of column charts
cylinder cone pyramid charts.xls — Contains examples of cylinder, cone,
and pyramid charts
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