Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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The Chapter Examples directory
doughnut chart.xls — Contains examples of doughnut charts
line charts.xls — Contains examples of line charts
pie charts.xls — Contains examples of pie charts
radar chart.xls — Contains examples of radar charts
six chart types.xls — Shows the same data plotted with six different
chart types
stock charts.xls — Contains examples of 3-D charts
surface chart.xls — Contains examples of 3-D charts
user-defined type.xls — Contains the data used to create a custom
chart type
xy charts.xls — Contains examples of 3-D charts
add new series.xls — Used to demonstrate adding a new series to a chart
combination chart.xls — Contains a chart that combines five chart types
data orientation.xls — Shows the effect of row vs. column orientation in
a column chart
missing data.xls — Demonstrates various ways to handle missing data
monthly sales.xls — Demonstrates how to change or extend a series by
dragging the range highlighting
named ranges.xls — Demonstrates the use of named ranges in a SERIES
noncontiguous series.xls — Contains a chart that plots a noncontiguous
secondary axes.xls — Contains charts that use secondary axes
series in different sheets.xls — Contains a chart that uses data contained
on other worksheets
series name.xls — Used to demonstrate how to change a series name
series order.xls — Demonstrates the effect of changing the series plot order
unlink charts.xls — Demonstrates two ways to unlink a chart from its
data ranges
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