Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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The Chapter Examples directory
3-d charts.xls — — Demonstrates 3-D chart formatting
axes.xls — — Demonstrates axis formatting
borders.xls — Demonstrates border formatting
chart area.xls — Demonstrates chart area formatting
data labels.xls — Demonstrates data labels
data table.xls — Demonstrates a data table
gridlines.xls — Demonstrates gridline formatting
legend.xls — Demonstrates legend formatting
plot area.xls — Demonstrates plot area formatting
series.xls — Demonstrates series formatting
titles.xls — Demonstrates chart title formatting
appropriate data.xls — Demonstrates data that is appropriate (and
inappropriate) for a trendline
error bars.xls — Demonstrates error bars
income and expense trendlines.xls — Contains trendlines for income
and expense examples
linear sales forecast.xls — Demonstrates linear forecasting of sales data
linear trend - ht and weight.xls — Displays a linear trendline for height
and weight data
moving average.xls — Demonstrates moving averages
other series enhancements.xls — Demonstrates a variety of series
slope calculation.xls — Contains formulas to calculate the slope,
y-intercept, and r-squared values
trendline equations.xls — Demonstrates how to calculate the coefficients
for trendlines
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